Copied post. 

My sentiment exactly.
“Wael Sharaf


I sent that message to my distant friend Bassem Youssef earlier :

Our friend Bassem Youssef ; 

Being one of your supporters all the way throughout your post – Revolution career , and being one of the non-double standards audience who endorsed your criticism to morsy yet cursed your criticism to Sisi and also being one of the few who accepted and respected your apology following the robbery of the Israeli guy’s article . I was still very happy and proud looking forward to your Emmy awards intro yesterday , but I must say I was very disappointed in both your direct insult to Arabs in the form of their self esteem , and in your cursing in Arabic to whoever you were insulting which added no value whatsoever . If you’ve done that thinking it’s funny , it wasn’t . If you thought Westerners would appreciate people who insult their own culture ; you’re wrong and totally off on that one . It is unfortunate that you blew a lifetime opportunity to give your message to the world and become a real ambassador to all of us . My overall assessment to your performance is that you failed and that you lost a lot of supporters yesterday starting with me . It’s time for you to stop for a while and reflect .”


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