Pharonic rambling S?

I decided to invade the world of blogging more aggressively. I will not only post my published articles but I will also share my thoughts whether in English or Arabic. And since I will just put them down without thinking, I decided to call them ramblings. Lest I be held accountable.  

Skimming through what I found trending and it seems populatpr blogs, I reached a scary conclusion and a friegthening observation.  Most if not all of the blogs I read through were by young men and women. Really young. Decades younger than I. 

It was great to get into their minds and find out how they think. 

But is there no corner for the old and senile bloggers. No room where I can go and find my classmates or those who shared international historical moments with  me.  Who will understand my rambling  and even some of the songs I might like.  

Anyway saying that I decided to call this subsection Pharonic Rambling ( should it rambling or ramblings?…). 

Using Pharonic is for two reasons; to celeberate my heritage and also my age hhhhhhh

Yes I am funny!!!!!!!!


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